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Social Enterprise


To address unemployment issues, improve local talents and conserve natural resources


To preserve traditional jobs by promoting awareness and skills of local people

To promote alternative and sustainable livelihood in community,

To protect the natural resources and environment introducing the by-products’ concepts

To produce qualified local products

To address and minimize social and economic problems in community


Promoting a niche market for local innovative products and by-products

Developing value added products to create sustainable jobs for local community

Supporting local artisan to create significant and value added local products

Developing awareness and training program to understand the value of local products

Creating a platform for better engagement and to address current social economics challenges within the community


Introducing and creating by-products from unwanted marble wastes and value added local products i.e sandalwood seeds and herbs tea

Creating an engagement platform between local artisan/crafters and consumers

Design consultation with local crafters to develop marketable designs

Promoting to produce more local products and related conservation benefits

Providing social conscious trainings with the support from trainers and invited guests

Connecting with local events and showroom and extending the niche market to international through tourism industry